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04 February 2011 @ 11:56 pm
Fandom: Chronicles of the Chrestomanci
Title: The Murder at Missel Hall
Author: Rosie_Rues
Pairing: Gen
Spoilers: The author doesn't warn, so I think there's no need for a spoiler warning
"Well, I'm relieved at least," Christopher said blithely. "Lying to Flavian always makes me feel like I've kicked a puppy."
"I notice that doesn't stop you," said Millie, clutching her hat as the carriage bumped over a pothole. She was dressed in her smartest, and looked as little like an enchanter as it was possible to look.
"Duty over conscience, my dear," Christopher said loftily. "I must suffer for our cause."

Conrad's POV, his perspective on Christopher, Millie, Elizabeth and the others is most wonderful (I adore the way he talks about Christopher, ah &hearts!)
This one could be canon, wonderfully done! I adore it! The plot as much as the interactions between the characters (which are spot on! Christopher is insufferable, Millie is adorable and so on, I also loved reading more about Elizabeth and it's wonderful to see her falling in love) are wonderful, I loved every word of it. If you love DWJ's Chrestomanci series, you'll like this!

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